by Mandy Gou

Mandy Gou is 21 years old and comes from a family of artists. She is the first one in her family to pursue something technical, and she currently works at BDO in valuing complex financial instruments.

“Trippy Land” by Mandy Gou

“Trippy Land” by Mandy Gou

She graduated college with a degree in Actuarial Science, but art has been her hobby since she was young.

Mandy’s primary mediums tend to be ink and watercolor, those mediums being the most convenient to travel with (she brings her sketchbook with her everywhere).

She dabbles in graphic design, and you can also hit her up with requests for your next tattoo, logo, or illustration.

In describing her process Mandy says, “When I draw something, I like to impart a sense of curiosity and mysticism in the viewer. It’s particularly fun for me to take the familiar, and change it ever so slightly to invoke a feeling of unfamiliarity.”

She continues, “I like to make connections to things that seemingly have no real connection at all, inviting imagination in the viewer reminiscent of what it feels like to view the world as a child again.”

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