Who are we?

Better Spaces operates at the intersection of technology and human touch. We are the leader in tenant engagement within corporate office buildings. Our platform serves to attract, retain, and develop talent for tenants and therefore for property managers. Our unique programming and beautiful space design creates relaxed and dynamic tenant experiences in a “work from home” environment.

The Better Spaces platform is a tool for property owners and tenants to create experiences curated specifically for employees’ needs. Clients employ our app to collect anonymous data on amenity use, engagement, and building satisfaction to determine the likelihood of a tenant renewing their lease and staying in a building.

Who are you?

You love making people’s days better. You’re warm, generous, attentive, and really listen when people talk. A natural problem-solver, you have a knack for seeing what needs to be done and doing it. You take initiative. You are patient and smile. You are charming and polite. You are resourceful and entrepreneurial. You love to organize and constantly rethink the best way to decorate and arrange the office.

You yourself live a life with a wellness bent, and believe in the benefits of these practices. You have experience leading, teaching or facilitating groups. You have experience guiding people through physical or mental processes safely and with kind attention. You know how to foster a learning environment of trust and non-judgement. And, you also know how to lead wellness focused 20-minute meditation and/or yoga sessions.

Your background might be in hospitality, sales, wellness, education, events, or customer service. We’re looking for a person who thrives when working in service of people, who makes people feel welcome and at ease. As a representative of the Better Spaces brand it’s most important to us to find someone who embodies our wellness, customer service, and hospitality vibe.

You are looking for a consistent part-time position (between 20-30 hours per week) where you can grow professionally, while still having time for your other work, or life committments. If this description sounds like you, read on, potential candidate!

What will you be doing here?

Our Community Managers are essential to the entire Better Spaces platform. As the link between Better Spaces HQ and tenants in our partner buildings, You are the face of Better Spaces within the partner building and are responsible for executing our vision with positivity, energy, courtesy, and professionalism. You work well “in the field” and enjoy sharing learnings back with the rest of the team even though you don’t work at HQ.

Duties and Responsibilities May Include


  • Open/setup each of your designated buildings each morning: turn on AV, turn on lights, turn on scent diffuser, check WiFi connectivity, ensure everything has been cleaned properly by building maintenance team, etc.

  • Ensure that the space is set up properly for each day’s programming, i.e. meditation cushions have been set out and are clean, projector screen is set up, chairs have been placed in rows, etc.

  • Interact with the programming talent (yoga teachers, speakers, musicians etc.) and be their point of contact in the execution of their program

  • Maintain inventory levels of items, place order request if needed. Assist with restocking within space (lightbulbs, essential oils, etc.)

  • Keep our spaces looking as beautiful as they did on the very first day. Perform quality check of items, ensure all are functioning and in excellent condition, place order request for lost or damage items if needed

  • Maintain the plants (water, take off dead leafs, exterminate bugs if any)

  • Keep the space tidy (collect empty cups, load the dishwasher, wipe surfaces, fluff pillows, put furniture back in its place)

  • Organize the wellness bar and organize/restock supplies (juices, infused water, smoothies, teas/coffees if applicable)

  • In short, you are responsible for the quality and consistency of our spaces

Community Point of Contact

  • Be in the activation space during the appointed hours, likely for 20 hours per week

  • Greet guests and assist with check-in if necessary

  • Build relationships with tenants. Get to know their names, know where they work, what they like about the space, and what they don’t

  • Follow up with individual participants to make sure they enjoyed their experience, ask what events they would like to see, see if they have any questions

  • Encourage participants to take our surveys, and rate their experience

  • Collect feedback from visitors and relay it back to HQ to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Be well aware of, and promote the programming in the space, keep the materials (TV screen, cork board, signs) up to date

  • Become an expert at how to use our app so you’ll be able to instruct tenants on how to use it and help them troubleshoot

  • Be the first point of contact for all of the building’s individual tenant office/facilities managers (usually one per company). Be available to answer questions

  • Provide coverage for other Community Managers in other buildings as needed

  • Problem solve any tenant issues with signing up to use our space, including scheduling conflicts, cancellations, wait lists, etc, or direct the tenant to the appropriate channel if you do not feel prepared to answer their questions

  • Maintain a professional appearance

  • You always solve problems with a focus towards tenant services

Teacher of Better Spaces Essential Programming

  • Teach our custom 20-minute yoga, meditation, stretching and mindfulness sessions

  • Transfer our wellbeing knowledge to the participants

Tenant and Building Engagement

  • Connect with office managers to ensure their colleagues are aware of—and know how to sign up for—our weekly and pop-up events

  • Create relevant content for, and distribute periodic tenant newsletters

  • Connect regularly with the Building Managers and their assistants to be up to date on other happenings in the building. Be the go-to person of building updates and information

  • Connect with the building security and freight people and create a positive working relationship with them to facilitate smooth operations

  • Be the Better Spaces HQ interface with the building for day-to-day issues

Experience and Requirements

  • College graduate with 4-year degree

  • Customer service, event production, or hospitality management experience required

  • You have exceptional writing skills as you’ll be responsible for creating and distributing the building newsletters

  • You are independent and reliable -- you’ll be on your own with building tenants and operators for most of the day, so it’s important that you’re able to take initiative, make judgment calls, and get things done!

  • You are punctual and great at managing your own time while sticking to a designated schedule. You may be responsible for a few buildings, so we need to be able to trust you are efficient and on time.

  • Strong computer skills, preferably with experience in graphic design

  • Must be able to use a mac laptop to use onsite for scheduling, emailing with team, and connecting with building tenants in terms of newsletter distribution, raising tenant engagement, and following up with individuals who may need more information.

  • Yoga and/or meditation certification and teaching experience (a plus)