Knitted Accessories and Felted Foods
by Chae Lee

Chae makes hats, gloves, socks, baby booties and other small accessories. Lately she’s been super into sewing felt foods with smiley faces on them (see photo right!)

More about the Maker

What do you do here at 100 Park Ave?
I’m a Paralegal at ABN AMRO.

For how long have you been making your craft, and what got you started?
I’ve been knitting since 2009 and I got into it from a class I took when I was living in Brooklyn. The shop is no longer there but the friendships and skills I made still are! I have been sewing all my life but just started sewing felt fruits and foods a few months ago!

E58E3E33-65BC-4DFC-B4FC-2D994711326E - Chae Lee.jpeg

Visit Chae during our Holiday Bazaar on the 15th Floor on Tuesday, December 18 from 12 to 2pm where she’ll be selling her crafts.

Can’t make it to the Bazaar, but still want to connect?