Holiday Gifts and Decorations
by Made WIth Love

Made With Love is a trio of crafters from Pride Health, LLC here at 420 Lex. Taylor, Sherria, and Casey joined their crafting abilities to create ornaments, canvases and holiday cards, just in time for our building-wide Holiday Bazaar!

More about the Maker

What do you do here at 420 Lexington?
We are Associates at Pride Health.

For how long have you been making your craft, and what got you started?
We have all been avid crafters for several years. We decided to join forces to help spread love and joy this holiday season!


Visit Taylor, Sherria, and Casey during our Holiday Bazaar in Suite 2550 on Tuesday, December 18 from 12 to 2pm where they’ll be selling their crafts.

Can’t make it to the Bazaar, but still want to connect?