Essential Oil Blends
by Sandi

Sandi creates natural products infused with organic herbs, essential oils, and good intentions for health and happiness. Have you seen a recipe with essential oils you’d like to try but you don’t have the ingredients? Looking for a diffuser, topical blend, or a unique, non-toxic, good-for-you perfume/cologne? Not really a DIY kind of person? Sandi’s got you covered!

More about the Maker

What do you do here at 420 Lexington?
I’m a Systems Manager at Metro North Railroad.

For how long have you been making your craft, and what got you started?
I started studying and blending essential oils in 2015 in search of natural options to help animals in need. It turned out that my friends and family began benefiting from my blends first and requesting them to gift to their loved ones.


Visit Sandi during our Holiday Bazaar in Suite 2550 on Tuesday, December 18 from 12 to 2pm where she’ll be selling her crafts.

Can’t make it to the Bazaar, but still want to connect?

Or text her at (707)SANASTA or find her on Instagram at @sanasta.wellness