Better Spaces is the leader in tenant engagement.
Our platform activates and creates community within buildings.


The Better Spaces Platform uses scientific analysis and technology to link buildings with their tenants. The community connects to a curated suite of services, and amenities—all available on the app. 


since our inception we have

  • Powered 35 million square feet of commercial office space
  • Connected to 125,000+ people
  • Engaged with thousands of different companies including: Tiffany, Mashable, Murex, Amazon, MSK, WPP



I’ve worked here for 15 years and nothing seems to get [employees] talking to each other. In just a few hours the whole environment changed.
— Jadie Aponte Office Manager @ Murex Global Headquarters
Anything that can break the stress out there is appreciated. It makes me feel like the company values us.
— Major Tenant of 200 5th Avenue