We are excited to explore the Better Spaces platform and provide tenants with an unsurpassed professional and personal quality of life.
— Elizabeth Majkowski, SVP Operations, SL Green

It's all about the tenants.

The conversation around amenities, technology, and experiential real estate all comes down to tenant acquisition and retention. Our platform creates insights to understand occupant satisfaction and predict tenant retention in the critical years of a lease.

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The Better Spaces App & Owner Portal

We connect the building operators directly to their tenants, and our data analytics allow owners to predict tenant retention and engage with them before they decide to leave. 

Our platform is a tool for property owners to create experiences curated specifically for their tenants’ needs. 

Our algorithm curates programming for each building's unique mix of tenants, and it allows owners to better understand and predict tenant satisfaction.

And our insights enable property owners to stay ahead of their stakeholders by anticipating what tenants might request next. 


Agile Amenities

It's clear: the way people work is changing, but so is the why.  

As we immerse ourselves in the innovation economy, companies are looking to inspire creativity and collaboration. 

Because of this, a new class of office building has emerged: real estate with programming, communities, and technology.  

Our Agile Amenities platform covers all of the bases when it comes to experiential amenities. It is a toolkit that allows owners to create experiences to retain current tenants, and attract new tenants by providing unique and memorable experiences every work day.


Space transformation

Our team of real estate, interior design, and programming experts specializes in developing flexible amenity spaces. 

We can transform almost any space, including white-box floors, vacant built-out spaces, rooftops, and lobbies. What they become is a tenant-centered resource to host brainstorms, attend programs, or just work. 

Tenant needs inevitably change, but our fabricated spaces are built to be agile: they can function as a programming space, interview room, tele-conference room, brainstorming space and more. 

This flexibility gives owners the option to configure and reconfigure the amenity space as they learn about tenant needs and preferences, and as occupant populations change over time.

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We offer a comprehensive list of programming options focused on three main areas:

  • Wellness: meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, relaxation techniques, cold-pressed juice, healthy snacks
  • Community: ping pong, shuffle board tournaments, mixers, concert series 
  • Education: speaker series, energy efficiency workshops, cooking classes 

As we learn more about your unique tenants, our programming evolves to be even more specific to their needs.



Endless studies have shown that people are more creative, more productive, and more satisfied when engaged in a community.

Our Agile Amenities platform connects people and businesses through better technology, better programming, and better spaces.

We connect tenants to the curated amenity programs and to each other, thereby strengthening relationships with the building and providing moments for unique ideas to develop when people with a wide range of experiences and skills collide.


Tenant Engagement is Key


We know that in order for our program to be successful, tenants need to show up and participate.

To make sure tenants are interested and inspired, we have developed a targeted engagement strategy. The goal is to make sure tenants know where we are, how they can use the space, and how stopping by can improve their work life. 

We not only create attractive, building-specific marketing campaigns, but we also employ community managers to connect personally with every tenant and engage directly with the building operators.