Better Product

The Better Spaces platform includes several solutions for buildings and portfolios. Better Experience, Better Inspire (Inspired People), and the Better Square—a technology solution sprung from the future, but inspired by the past successes of real estate in town squares throughout the world. 


Better Experience

Our Better Experience is the pulse behind the Better Spaces platform. The app links tenants and building owners to best in class programs and activations. This curated amenity program is available to all tenants and strengthens the relationship between the building and its tenants.

Our experience portal includes:

  • Wellness—meditation, yoga, Chi Gong, relaxation techniques, smoothie bars 
  • Community—ping pong tournaments, shuffle board tournaments, mixers, music series, rock climbing 
  • Education—speaker series, energy and water efficiency workshops, cooking classes 


Better Inspire

Our Better Inspire module provides buildings and their tenants with a uniquely designed shared amenity space that evolves based on tenant preferences and requirements. We created this ‘Third Place’ as the hub of a building’s community space. Our award winning (Harvard Business School) solution is flexible and assembled in under 1 day. We enable buildings to achieve in a week, what often takes years. Our goal remains developing IP, which in our case is, Inspired People.


Better Square

Our Better Square module is a transformative piece in the conversion of the brick and mortar relationship to the experiential real estate environment. Through the Better Square module owners are able to curate an experience for their tenants, in partnership with existing retailers, and provide:

1.  Food and Beverage
2.  Event Planning
3.  Enhanced Marketing services: flower delivery, printing services, and photography
4. Individualized wellness services: massage, wellness coaching, and meditation coaching 

The best part of our Better Square is that it allows property owners to bolster their tenant mix. Rent paying retailers benefit from being connected to the portfolio of tenants, who then benefit from a retail experience by a local, best-in-class partner who knows the community. Simply put, we activate a building's own town square, to the benefit of all community participants, retailers, tenants, and building management.


All the while, our algorithims are curating better programming for the tenant mix, and allowing owners to better understand and predict tenant satisfaction and requirements. Our insights enable property owners to stay ahead of their stakeholders by anticipating their requirements. This is the Better Spaces expertise, and the pledge to our clients.