Stephen Rizzo Sheds Light on Wellness Real Estate at Soho House

On April 24th 2018, Better Spaces' Founder & CEO Stephen Rizzo, spoke on a Wellness Real Estate panel at Soho House. 

Fellow panelists included Kristin Hurd a top New York City residential real estate broker, Roopakshi Mathur an interior designer, and Lisa Roberts Hurd an archeologist turned wellness expert. 

The conversation, moderated by Janera Soerel, ranged from the subjective opinions of each panelist on what wellness real estate means, to the objective drivers of this trend and its effects on property values.

Everyone agreed that bringing natural elements back into the built environment improves the occupants' experience and wellbeing. Easy-to-implement tips are to open windows, add plants and other biophilic design, change up the energy of a space through better light, using non-toxic materials, and applying scents.  

The conversation culminated with a discussion on the importance of being connected to an engaged community. Stephen concluded that engaged communities come together in better spaces.  

Bukky Awosogba Speaks on the Panel: The Future of Office Space, Occupier Needs and Talent Demands

On May 9th, Bukky Awosogba spoke on the panel addressing the rapidly changing work place.  

As technologies and the needs of employees evolve, workplace occupiers and forward thinking landlords need to come together in order to create an environment that allows a workforce to thrive. As occupiers see the workplace as a beacon to attract and retain top talent, landlords are also learning that traditional office space is no longer going to cut it. How can they these two parties learn from each other on how to truly create the ideal place to work?

The conversation was moderated by Jason McCann, President & CEO, VARIDESK. 

Fellow panelists included: 

Matthew Gabree, Sr. Director of Global Office Experience, TripAdvisor
Reed Gilbert, Head of Real Estate & Workplace Services, Wayfair
‎John Moran, Real Estate Project Executive Lead, East & Central US and Latin America, Google
Michael Phillips, President, Jamestown Properties
Adam Subber, Managing Principal, Cresa

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