In the beginning

Better Spaces set out to meet an emerging need for wellness in the workplace.  We had a mission: To offer any tenant, large or small, the opportunity to be in a world-class, experience driven building.  We produced hundreds of 1-day pop-up experiences across 20 million sq. ft., where occupants meditated, enjoyed smoothies, played shuffle board, and discovered new things.


Then the unexpected happened

Our pop-up experiences were a hit among tenants spanning across both TAMI and FIRE industries, so we expanded the 1-day amenity to three days, and added libraries where people could work, and ideas could collide.

Entire buildings became activated. We then developed a native app to manage the influx of happy tenants. As more and more occupants logged on, we amassed data insights on tenant preferences and satisfaction—data previously unknown to owners—that is, until a tenant left the building.


Fast forward

Our award winning Agile Amenities platform combines flexible space, technology and programming to create experiences in spaces, buildings and portfolios.  Using data, we curate programs, and reconfigure flexibly fabricated amenity space to always meet tenants' needs.  Most importantly, owners powered by Better Spaces, now own information and previously unknown insights on tenant satisfaction in real time.