Recycle Like a Boss

Tips ON make recycling a Breeze,
and how to get your OFFICE on board

Office recycling station from  Method Recycling

Office recycling station from Method Recycling

In New York City businesses generate 9,000 tons of waste every day. To put that in perspective, that's roughly three-fifths as heavy as the entire Brooklyn Bridge (sans rush hour traffic)!

Most of that garbage goes to landfill in New York and surrounding states. If we were better at our recycling game, we could divert all but 11% from the garbage heap. But why put in so much effort, and where do we even start?

We totally get it - recycling can be confusing!

Why Recycle?

Beyond just having good karma, there are several reasons why offices should recycle. 

In New York City the goal is to achieve zero waste by 2030 to protect our air and wildlife. To achieve that they've implemented several programs to make recycling easier.

Along with the new programs, NYC has also implemented several regulations for those who don't comply, so avoiding a fine could be a great reason to start recycling.

Creating a market for recyclables also helps to create jobs and stimulate the local economy.

Recycling also contributes to healthier and cleaner cities and conserves natural resources for future generations. Do it for the kids! 

We made our own custom educational signage, but the Department of Sanitation will send you some!  You can get yours here .

We made our own custom educational signage, but the Department of Sanitation will send you some! You can get yours here.

3 Steps to Sustainable Waste Management For Your Office

NYC Waste & Recycling Compliance specifies that offices must recycle paper, cardboard, and plastic, metal, glass, and cartons. Here are some easy action items to get you started: 

1. Develop a waste plan for your office

  • Walk through your office and gather information - are you recycling already? Do you generate a ton of paper waste? Maybe you drink a lot of La Croix and have a lot of cans? 
  • Identify opportunities to increase recycling rates - a paper waste bin and recycling bin could address those problems!

2. Implement program with waste bins and signage

  • Install recycling bins adjacent to trash bins - make it easy to access and easy to do!
  • Provide clear labels for all bins, and place signage above bins - make instructions clear.
  • Install compost bins (if applicable) - maybe enlist someone in the office who's an avid gardener to help take charge.

3. Educate employees so they can join in on your amazing new sustainable habits

  • Hold a contest with prizes between departments

Best Practices For Things YOu're Already Using

Here are a few reminders for every day items.

TRASH: rubbish, garbage, landfill, etc

  • Plastic Bags - it clogs the recycling machinery!
  • Wax-lined hot beverage cups (hot tip: ask your local coffee shop to fill your own reusable mug!)

PAPER RECYCLING: if you can rip it you can recycle it

  • That cardboard sleeve from your morning coffee cup.
  • Tea bag packets
  • Shredded paper (or put it in the compost bin!)


  • Milk and juice cartons - yep, even if they're the papery kind.
  • Plastic utensils - small, but recyclable!
  • All the La Croix cans (and other beverage cans and bottles)


  • Common office supplies: paper clips, folders, binders, etc.
  • Use reusable dishes and utensils whenever possible
  • Print double sided if possible

Contact your office manager for disposal of any specialty items, such as electronics and furniture.

Questions? Comments? Want to share Your office recycling signage? Let us know!